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Diet Setbacks of the Changing Seasons

Along with the changing seasons, comes a need to change up your routine when it comes to diet and exercise. Whether you’re excited or sad to leave the days of bathing suits and barbecues behind; you may be wary of what the fall and winter mean for your healthy body and waistline. Besides diet mistakes that everyone makes, there are several that you might be unaware of if you don’t know what to expect in the changing seasons, and you may fall victim to some of the common diet and exercise setbacks that come along with cooler weather. Identify them to avoid them, and to keep your bikini body all year-round.

Shorter Days

With more hours of sunshine during the summer, you may have felt as if you had all the time in the world to do everything you needed, as well as fit in a workout. With the changing seasons comes shorter days and less time to focus on being healthy and staying fit. Avoid allowing early darkness to creep in and steal away your healthy body, by remaining dedicated to your fitness regimen. If you have to, aim to complete your workout in the morning, so after work you don’t let the early darkness make you feel too tired to exercise. Go to bed early to get adequate sleep for a healthy body, and to have the energy to continue your exercise routine.

Less Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

In the Spring and Summer fresh and healthy foods are in ample supply in grocery stores and farmers markets. However, in the fall and winter it may seem more difficult to find the foods you love to eat to stay healthy. Rather than foregoing the fruits and vegetables you made staples in your diet in warmer months, pick foods that are seasonal as well as delicious and healthy. Pumpkins, squash, apples, pears, mushrooms and spinach are all seasonal in the fall; while sprouts, dates, oranges, kiwi collard greens and chestnuts are flourishing in winter. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables to include in a healthy diet.

Colder Weather for Exercise

If you’re the kind of person who likes to workout and exercise outside, the changing seasons may mean having to switch it up. Although many runners love cooler weather, if you are sensitive to the cold, or can’t stand the snow, you may be discouraged to exercise at all. Colder weather often makes you feel like you just want to curl up and relax indoors, when you should be taking care of your healthy body by getting out to exercise, or make it to the gym and combine it with PhenQ GNC. Use cooler weather to your advantage; try exercises like hiking to appreciate the foliage, playing a seasonal game of pick up football with friends, or cross country skiing which is one of the best cardiovascular and strength building exercises.

Cold Weather for Diet

Comfort food is often times what we crave during the fall and winter. While lighter summer dishes like salads are a thing of the past, changing seasons means changing tastes toward heartier and warmer meals. Continue to eat healthy and stick to your diet by researching some healthy dishes to make that will still satisfy that “comfort food” craving. A great tool to use in the cooler months is the crock pot or slow cooker; there are ample recipes that use lean meats and a ton of vegetables for delicious and hot meals that take little effort to cook!

Football and Holidays

You may associate the fall and winter with diet busting times of year related to football tailgates and family holidays. If you are really dedicated to continuing to maintain a healthy body through the cooler seasons, you will continue to hold yourself accountable by learning to resist tempting foods, keeping an eye on portion control, and eating only the healthy dishes. Although you may want to splurge here and there with a piece of Thanksgiving pie, or some beers at your Sunday hosting of the big game, keep everything within reason and stick to your diet as best you can to maintain that healthy body you work so hard for.